Middle School students serenaded by Bridge Arts Ensemble

the bridge arts ensemble performs for middle school studentsMiddle School students got the chance to learn from a group of travelling musicians on Monday, part of a week-long celebration of music and learning in all B-P schools. Bridge Arts Ensemble, a six-person group of teaching artists and freelance musicians from New York City, gave a concert for Middle School students and visited classrooms to help students think crucially about music.

“We aim to engage students and the community to find what they love about music and to use our talent to help enrich students’ lives,” said Shaleah Adkisson, Operations and Media Manger for Bridge Arts Ensemble. In a middle school general music class, the group spoke about Merriam’s 10 Functions of Music as they relate to different music pieces. The Functions of Music help students think about music more critically.

Adkisson says that students are engaged and excited to learn about different parts of music, especially with the different instruments in the ensemble, and are surprised by what they learn.

At a concert in the Middle School for all students, the group focused on the knowledge gap between male and female composers, and played some famous pieces of music by female composers for students.

“Middle School is about providing students with exposure to a bunch of different items,” said Principal Wayne Bell, “including the arts. It only enhances their education experience.”

Bridge Arts Ensemble will be playing at the Board of Education meeting tonight with a few B-P students. They will also be visiting each school in the district throughout the week, giving concerts and visiting classrooms to teach students.