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7110 – Comprehensive Student Attendance and Absence Policy

7110 – Comprehensive Student Attendance and Absence Policy

The Board of Education recognizes that consistent attendance is a critical factor in a student’s ability to achieve their fullest academic potential. Students have a right and responsibility to attend school on a daily basis. The District’s expectation is that parents/legal guardians will notify the main office of the appropriate school when the student is expected to be absent from school for the day or for an extended period of time during the school day.

In cases where the school is not contacted by the parent regarding the student’s absence, the school will notify the parent/legal guardian when the student is absent from school (unless it is determined that it will be a long absence), usually within the first two hours of the school day.  It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that the school has all up-to-date addresses, phone numbers and any other contact information. 

Recognizing that there are times when students need to leave school for various reasons, written requests from the parent/guardian for the release of students generally will be honored. The appropriate time and reason for absence shall be recorded on the attendance record and reported pursuant to state requirements and district record keeping procedures.

The Building Principal and/or designee shall assume this responsibility or shall designate an individual to review and approve all requests.

A regulation has been developed to promulgate this policy.


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