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Capital project spotlight: Infrastructure needs

Capital project spotlight: Infrastructure needs

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If voters approve the proposed $37.8 million capital project on May 21, approximately 66% of the project budget would be spent on maintaining Broadalbin-Perth’s school buildings and addressing infrastructure needs, including roofing, windows, interior and exterior doors, and mechanical systems.

A private home gets constant wear and tear, both outdoors from the sun and snow and indoors from daily activities. Multiply that hundreds of times and you’ll have an idea of what happens to Broadalbin-Perth schools, which serve more than 1,700 active students plus faculty, staff, and community members daily.

After 20 years of repeated freezing and thawing, roofing starts to fail. After 40 or more years of constant use, mechanical systems become unreliable, doors and windows no longer fit properly, and even structures built to be used by hundreds of children daily just plain wear out.

Because of delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the work to be completed in the 2024 capital project is actually overdue. For example, warranties on 20-year-old sections of roofing have expired, and the district has had to spend more in recent years to maintain outdated systems that are due to be replaced. If voters approve the 2024 capital project, district leaders expect maintenance costs to decrease over the coming years.

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