Nominate an Outstanding Patriot by May 6

The Broadalbin-Perth Central School District Board of Education will be recognizing faculty and staff with Outstanding Patriot of the Year awards. B-P will also recognize non-employee community members or organizations for their support of the district.

An Outstanding Patriot of the Year award will be presented to one teacher or administrator; one instructional support staff member; one non-instructional support staff member; and one non-employee community member, organization, or business owner, each of whom exhibit the following qualities:

  • Possesses superior qualities to inspire young people to seek knowledge and understanding, to broaden their skills, and to acquire methods for attaining personal goals.
  • Is active in school organizations and events.
  • Has championed the mission and vision of the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District through volunteerism, service, or financial support.
  • Values positive relationships with other educators, administrators, students, parents, and community members.

Superintendent of Schools Stephen Tomlinson carries out the Outstanding Patriot Award program under the direction of the Board of Education. The final determination of all award winners will be made by the board committee responsible for reviewing all nominations.

The Nomination Process

  • Outstanding Patriot nomination forms should be fully completed and submitted to any leadership team member or to the office of the superintendent no later than May 6, 2022. Additional evidence (beyond the nomination form) of nomination worthiness is accepted and should be attached to the nomination form.
  • All members of the Broadalbin-Perth community are eligible to make a formal nomination for consideration of the Outstanding Patriot Award.
  • Nominees will not be informed of their nomination and therefore cannot decline the nomination.
  • A formal announcement of the Outstanding Patriot of the Year Award winners will be made at the annual end of the year program on the last full day of school.
  • Annual award winners will receive a recognition award and their name placed on the Outstanding Patriot of the Year Award Plaque that is permanently affixed in the high school auditorium lobby.

Outstanding Patriot Award Application – Print-friendly version

Please download and complete the above form to submit a nomination. For informational purposes, items on the application include:

  • Award Category (select one):
    1. Teacher/Administrator
    2. Instructional Support (Teacher Assistant, Teacher Aide, 1:1 Student Aide or any Related Service Provider)
    3. Non-Instructional Staff (office staff, food service, transportation, buildings, and grounds)
    4. Non-Employee (community member, business owner)

  • Nominee Name, Subject/Grade Level, Building/Organization
  • Outstanding Contributions to Educating Our Students or Supporting Our District Mission (Provide any evidence of the nominee’s excellence, including special projects, classroom activities, program development or implementation, etc.)
  • Positive Character Traits (Use some adjectives to describe the nominee in the classroom and/or community)
  • Testimonials (Further, explain why you and/or your colleagues feel that this nominee should be chosen as an “Outstanding B-P Patriot.” You may also include complimentary remarks you have heard students and community members say about this nominee.)
  • Professional Leadership Positions (List any leadership positions the nominee has held in an education setting, including committee work.)
  • Professional Organizations (List local, state and/or national professional organizations in which the nominee is a member.)
  • Professional Honors and Awards (List any local, state and/or national honors/awards that the nominee has received, articles published, research, etc.)
  • Extracurricular Education Services:(List any advisorships, coaching, chaperoning that the nominee has fulfilled, including the number of years; also include any work towards higher education and/or professional and staff development)
  • Civic Services (List any activities the nominee has volunteered for or takes part in, including community, church or other service clubs.)
  • Signature of the nominator, date, phone, email