Our Outstanding Patriots for 2022

Each year, Broadalbin-Perth recognizes outstanding people from the district in four separate categories with the title of Outstanding Patriot of the Year. This year’s recipients include:

• Administration – Wayne Bell (Junior High School Principal)

• Teaching – Amanda Ferraro  (Second Grade / Literacy)

• Non-Instructional – Georgia Baldwin (District Clerk) 

• Community Member – Keith Canary (Kenneth and Phyllis Canary Family Foundation)

Nominations are accepted from any member of the school community, and honorees are selected by members of the Board of Education. Superintendent of Schools Stephen Tomlinson presents these awards during the annual staff recognition program at the end of the school year.

Wayne Bell – Administration

Retiring this year, Bell started his teaching career as a math teacher at Herkimer, where he also coached football. Bell arrived at B-P just before spring break in 2006 to take the post of assistant high school principal and then transitioned to the middle school two years later and has led the middle school and junior high schools ever since. In his time Bell founded the Student of the Month program, staff and student quarterly raffles, and has taken the students on many Project Adventure and Travel Club trips. Bell stays active outside of school by taking karate, working out in the gym and spending time with his daughter.

Bells’ nominations for “Outstanding Patriot” came from his colleagues in the district who highlighted his leadership skills, his dedication and ability to connect to students, and his willingness to collaborate and work together as a team.

Excerpts from his nominations include:

  • Mr. Bell always puts the kids first. 
  • Mr. Bell listens to the staff and advises them. He always says no matter what “family comes first.” 
  • Thank you very much for being so welcoming and always making time to listen to your staff.
  • Congratulations on retiring Mr. Bell. You are the best and will be hard shoes to fill. B-P is so lucky to have you!

Amanda Ferraro – Teaching

Amanda has served on the building leadership team, and this year she has been the leader of the second-grade team. Ferraro recently transitioned to a literacy position and was among the first B-P teachers to earn the “Common Sense Educator” title for digital citizenship. In 2019, Ferraro led the effort in getting second-graders involved in restocking the Great Sacandaga. 

Her nominations for “Outstanding Patriot” came from the PTO and her colleagues in the district who highlighted her leadership skills, her involvement in the district, love for the students, and her volunteerism.

Excerpts from her nominations include:

  • She is a quiet leader. She shows up and works hard.
  • She’ll do anything for her students.
  • Amanda is the consummate team player. When she saw the need for literacy this past year, she volunteered. 
  • She is someone who you can always count on to help.

Georgia Baldwin – Non-Instructional

Georgia has been a fixture at B-P for more than 32 years.  She is not only secretary to the superintendent and district clerk, she is also a jack of all trades, and is always happy to take on new responsibilities and projects in the district. Georgia is a hard worker who is always quick to help anyone in need and is cool under pressure, which is a great trait to have when answering questions from people throughout the district on the phone all day. Georgia stays active in her church and has long been involved with the Broadalbin Historical Society.

Recognized as a leader amongst the district clerks of the region, Georgia is a go to resource for her colleagues on school board issues, as well as historical information.  Throughout the years, her talents and efforts have helped our success.  

Her nomination for “Outstanding Patriot” comes from colleagues in the district that highlighted her hard work ethic, calm and collected nature, and willingness to go above and beyond to help someone in need.

Excerpts from her nominations include:

  • Looked at as a leader in the district.
  • Jack of all trades.
  • Honest.
  • Knowledgeable and fair.
  • Dedicated to her craft.

Keith Canary – Community Member

Keith Canary accepted the Outstanding Patriot of the Year Award in the community member category on behalf of the Kenneth and Phyllis Canary Family Foundation.