About B-P Elementary

Welcome to Broadalbin-Perth Elementary School

At B-P Elementary School, which includes grades 3-5, students build on the foundational skills they learned in the primary grades and are encouraged to take risks and strive toward lofty goals.

Teachers take a cross-curricular approach to learning that includes using technology and hands-on activities to take anxiety out of learning and instead turn learning into an adventure. Teachers work to make positive connections with each student and support students in reaching a higher-than-expected level of academic achievement.

The elementary school uses the “Six Pillars of Character Education” — trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, citizenship and caring — to teach good decision-making. Working within the framework of these core values, students at BPIS learn what it’s like to be part of a community.

Community Connections

Community Connections is an opportunity for all students in the Broadalbin-Perth Elementary School to gather together once a month and learn about different civic organizations and topics.

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the program is to help build the elementary school’s sense of community while enhancing academic performance. We hope to achieve this goal by modeling and reinforcing proper behavior and expanding our curriculum through supplemental activities designed to improve students’ thinking, listening and speaking skills.

    Prekindergarten Program

    The Broadalbin-Perth Prekindergarten Program is an important part of our elementary school system and our community. Students who participate in the Prekindergarten Program at The Learning Community will receive the necessary preparation to be successful in school. Our goal is to instill in our pre-K students a strong sense of Patriot Pride at this young and impressionable age. This pride emerges from developing a positive work ethic, persevering in learning activities, and showing respect toward themselves and one another. As we “strive for excellence,” these skills will help students become lifelong learners.

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