Walleye Tagging Research

In 2019, Broadalbin-Perth High School’s Science Research Class and Fishing Club started a walleye tagging program in the Great Sacandaga Lake to track the growth and distribution of the walleye population for conservation purposes. We have caught, measured, tagged, and released over 100 walleye in the Great Sacandaga Lake. We also recorded the location that each fish was caught. 

To date, four of our tagged fish have been reported as caught by local fishermen. 

The data collected are allowing us to determine the rate of growth and the migration patterns of these fish.  

We are using two colored tags for our research (orange and yellow).

Signs will be posted around the lake to remind fishermen that this study is taking place. 

If any of these tagged fish are caught, we are asking the fishermen to do the following:

  • Record the date of the catch.
  • Record the tag#.
  • Record the length of the fish.
  • Record the location on the lake that the fish was caught.
  • Record if the fish was kept or released. 

Please email this data to Brian Henry at henryb@bpcsd.org

Visit this page for updates and information regarding our research study.