English 12

Through close readings of fiction and nonfiction texts, English 12 develops students’ ability to cite evidence (both orally and in writing), identify the theme or central idea and write well-developed narratives and arguments.

Required Text

  • Textbook: “Glencoe Literature: the Reader’s Choice” by Jeffrey Wilhelm and Douglas Fisher
  • Other reading materials:
    • “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe
    • “The Masque of the Red Death” by Edgar Allan Poe
    • “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare
    • Assorted stories, poems, articles.

(The instructor provides all reading materials.)

Required Supplies

  • 1-1 ½” binder
  • Tab dividers
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Pocket folder
  • Two different color highlighters
  • Plenty of pencils and/or pens (if using pencils, please supply erasers!)

Course Format and Procedures

The class meets daily for 41 minutes. Instructional and activity time is divided into whole group, small group and individual work. Students are expected to work collaboratively when partnered and to positively participate in discussions and share-outs.

Grading Procedures

  • Tests and final projects (including written tasks): 45%
  • Quizzes, entrance/exit tickets, quick writes, etc.: 30%
  • Positive class participation (individually and with partner/group)*: 13%
  • Daily in-class work and homework: 12%
    *This also includes coming to class prepared on a daily basis.

Student and Parent Resources

Students: Instructor is available most days after school. Please stop by for help to make up missed work. Instructor might also be available during the school day. Also, copies of classroom materials, as well as in-class and homework assignments, are posted on Google Classroom.

Parent Resources: Parents can help by reviewing the Common Core standards (www.engageny.org); making sure their children attend school; encouraging their children to read at home and initiate discussions about what they’re reading; and setting a good example by reading books, magazines and newspapers in front of their children.

Course Outline (tentative)

Unit 1: Biography/Autobiography/Memoir (September)

Close reading/evidence citation/PEEL [check with Michele on acronym] writing review

Unite 2: Gothic Literature/Narrative Writing (October-Mid November)

Unite 3: Literary Elements/Argument & Debate/Peel (Mid-November-December)

Articles, short stories and poems.

Unit 4: Research (January)

Unit 5: Novels (February-March)

Unite 6: Shakespeare (April)

Unite 7: Novels (May-June)

Embedded throughout the year: close reading, locating and citing evidence, identification of theme and central idea, character development, PEEL writing