Health Courses

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½ unit  |  half year  |  Grades 9-12  |  Health Syllabus
Health is a half-year course that is required for graduation from high school. The course is divided into two ten-week segments. The first ten weeks are devoted to studying healthy lifestyles, child development, parenting skills, emotional health, and stress management. The second ten weeks are devoted to studying disease prevention, including AIDS education, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and family life education.
This course is required for graduation from high school.

Family Life/Parenting

½ unit  |  half year  |  Grades 9-12
This course is designed to help students in mid- to late-adolescence learn about the different aspects of human sexuality and sexual responsibility. The course presents the facts and issues surrounding sexuality, and it stresses the need for adolescents to develop personal responsibility and respect for others. The course also teaches all aspects of child development, including physical, mental, social, spiritual and intellectual stages from birth to age 18.

Stress Management/First Aid

½ unit  |  half year  |  Grades 9-12
This course is designed to teach students how to handle different situations that they may encounter in their lifetime.  They will also be taught standard First Aid, offered by a certified American Red Cross instructor.  The students will address issues surrounding injury prevention, injury recognition, types of injuries and specific first aid responses, climatic conditions, chronic problems, reactions to emotional stress, taping, modalities of treatment, and the implications of first aid surrounding nutrition and health.

Athletic Improvement (Project Learn)

1 unit  |  full year  |  Grades 9-12  |  Athletic Improvement (Project Learn) Syllabus
This is a physical education elective course designed to give interested students-athletes training intended to improve their overall athletic ability. This is not a body-building course; instead, the course is designed to focus on workouts that will make students better athletes through explosive, multi-joint movements. Students in grades 9-11 must be signed into the course by a teacher.

Physical Education

½ unit per year  |  four years  |  Grades 9-12  |  Physical Education Syllabus
The objective of this course is to contribute to the sum total of the education process. Through a varied program of physical activities, the course is designed to (a) promote physical fitness throughout life; (b) help students attain competency in the management of the body and physical skills; (c) emphasize safety practices; (d) motivate expression and communication; (e) promote individual and group understanding; (f) provide knowledge and appreciation of physical education activities; (g) make each individual aware of the effect of physical activity upon the body; (h) provide opportunities for the exercise of student initiative, leadership, and responsibility; and (i) reinforce basic learning of the other areas of the total school curriculum.
Four years of physical education, a half unit per year, is required for graduation from high school.