Athletic Improvement (Project Learn)

Course Overview

Project Learn is a physical education/health elective course designed to give interested student-athletes training to improve their overall athletic ability.

Learning Targets

The course is designed to focus on workouts that will make students better athletes through explosive, multi-joint movements and conditioning. This course is designed to help students improve as athletes and improve their physical well-being.

Required Text

Workout sheets and logs

Required Supplies

Athletic attire is mandatory.

Course Format and Procedures

All students must attend class and arrive in a timely manner and get changed quickly as possible. Students are expected to participate in completing their daily workouts. In order to be excused from a class, a student must provide a medical note.

Classroom Expectations

All students are expected to arrive promptly at the start of class, dressed in athletic attire (sneakers, shorts, sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt) and participate in completing the daily workouts.

Grading Procedures

Students will be given grades based on a five-point scale. Participation is the driving force in this course. The average of all a student’s points will be given in a numerical grade at the end of each quarter. A student’s final average will be based on the average of four quarters. Lack of effort, tardiness, poor attitudes, getting off task, and not completing workouts will reflect negatively in students’ grades.

Midterm and final exams each count as 10 percent of the final grade. These grades will be based on each student’s performance improvement and students’ progress toward achieving their personal athletic goals.

Course Outline

Phase 1: Strength Building

  • Individual strength-building exercises
  • Quickness and plyometric exercises

Phase 2: Explosiveness

  • Strength exercises
  • Generating explosive ground-based power
  • Olympic lifting

Phase 3: Performance

  • Combining strength and explosive training
  • Plyometric exercises
  • Conditioning exercises

Note: The content of this syllabus is subject to change in accordance with the needs of students in the class and/or the instructors.