CC Algebra I

This course is required by New York state for graduation. Students who achieve an 80 or higher on the Regents exam are considered college- and career-ready. This course teaches students the fundamentals of algebra and has a heavy focus on functions. By the end of this course, students should be able to perform operations on polynomials; solve linear and quadratic systems both algebraically and graphically; identify patterns in given sequences; write a geometric or arithmetic formula; factor polynomials (great common factor, difference of squares and trinomials); graph various functions; transform parent functions; create visual representations of statistical data; and perform statistical operations on data.

Required Text

None. Students will be provided with guided note packets for each class meeting.

Required Supplies

  • TI-84+ CE graphing calculator
  • 2-inch, three-ring binder
  • Eight dividers
  • pencils
  • AAA batteries

Course Format and Procedures

The course meets every other day for 72 minutes, and students are expected to make full use of class time. A large portion of each day will include the introduction of a new topic. Students will then be provided the opportunity to practice the new skills learned. Students should expect homework for each class meeting.

Grading Procedures

In keeping with BP Board of Education policies:

  • Grades reported on progress reports and report cards shall be derived from work that measures mastery of knowledge, skills and student learning objectives.
  • When calculating student grades, more weight shall be given to assignments/assessments designed to evaluate student learning than to assignments/assessments provided to practice and guide next-step instruction.

Quarterly grades are broken down as follows:

Quarters 1-3:

  • Supporting Work = 25% (Daily classwork and homework will be included in this category.)
  • Quizzes = 35% (Generally, each quarter will consist of 2-4 quizzes. This quiz will be in short response and/or multiple choice forms.)
  • Tests = 40% (A final assessment will be administered for each module unit. The questions will be multi-layered in the form of open-ended and multiple choice based on the current module.)

Quarter 4:

  • Common Core Review Sheets = 30% (Weekly practice sheets covering previous topics.)
  • Supporting Work = 20% (Includes class work and after school reviews.)
  • Regent’s Practice Assessments = 50% (Previously administered Regent’s exams for student practice.)
  • Mid-term and final exams each count as 10% of the final grade.

Student and Parent Resources

  • Students:  After-school help is available Monday through Friday. In addition, the class website is
  • Parents: Parents should encourage their children to seek out additional support from their classroom teacher in the event they are not performing well.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Operations with Polynomials (10 days)

Unit 2:  Solving Linear Systems (eight days)

Unit 3: Series and Sequences (seven days)

Unit 4: Factoring (eight days)

Unit 5: Graphing Functions (eight days)

Unit 6: Solving Quadratics — may be split in half by midterm (seven days)

Midterm: Units 1-6 (four days)

Unit 7: Transformations (seven days)

Unit 8: Statistics (10 days)

Unit 9: Review and Regents Examination (23 days)