CC Algebra II

This upper-level math course fits into an overall program of mathematics studies with a rigorous academic core by extending what students have learned in CC Algebra 1 and CC Geometry, as well as introducing more advanced topics. These advanced topics include: linear equations; inequalities and systems; quadratic, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and rational functions; equations; and expressions. By the end of this course, students should be able to communicate effectively using graphic, numeric, symbolic and verbal representations; compare and connect the structure of the polynomial system and the system of integers; use the coordinate plane to extend trigonometry to model periodic phenomena; synthesize and generalize what they have learned about a variety of function families; and relate visual data displays and summary statistics to different types of data, including probability distributions.

Required Text

None. This course uses an online textbook: However, students must purchase a “Algebra 2 Made Easy Resource Book” ($3) for the fourth-quarter Regents review classes.

Required Supplies

  • Lined paper/notebook, 8.5-by-11 (Three-ring binder highly recommended.)
  • Graphing calculator TI-84 (Provided for those who do NOT own one. Students who own one should bring it to class daily. If there are extenuating circumstances, one will be provided.)
  • Writing utensil and highlighter

Course Format and Procedures

Students engage in group investigations, partner collaboration and individual work. All activities are designed to help students understand and explain the key concepts presented in this course, incorporating mathematical reasoning, analysis, communication skills and real-world applications. Employing 21st century skills while learning and applying the principles of Algebra 2 is critical to students’ best interests as they prepare for higher learning or the workforce.

Students should expect homework daily; it constitutes 5% of each quarter grade. In addition, at after completion of EACH unit in, there will be a “homework assessment.” Cumulatively, these assessments will constitute 5% of the quarter grade. Additional homework (“vacation packets”) will be assigned over winter, February and spring breaks.

During the fourth-quarter, one class per week will be a Regents review class that counts as a quiz grade. (Can be made up for legitimate reasons.)

Grading Procedures

  • Quizzes = 95% (Usually one or two per week, lasting 20-40 minutes. Quizzes will receive NO EXTENDED TIME. Students MUST be finished by the end of the class period.)
  • A midterm exam will be given in January (10% of final grade).
  • The final exam is the CC Algebra 2 Regents.

Student and Parent Resources

Instructor is available any time before or after school and during Learning Labs that match instructor’s free periods. Never hesitate to seek help! Ultimately, it is a student’s responsibility to seek help when needed, and the instructor expects them to be accountable.