Survey of Mathematics

This course is designed to help students learn some mathematics regardless of mathematical background. Students will be introduced to various mathematical topics. By the end of the course, students will understand, appreciate and even enjoy areas of mathematics to which they might or might not have been exposed.

Required Text

  • “Fundamentals of Mathematics,” by William Setek and Michael Gallo (for classroom use only)

Required Supplies

  • Pencils with erasers
  • Three-ring binder with four sections and pockets
  • Graph paper and lined paper
  • Colored pencils or highlighters

Course Format and Procedures

Students are expected to take accurate notes during class. They will be shown examples of each topic and then allowed class time to explore and become competent in the content being covered that day. If a student is absent, they are expected to make up the material they miss.

Grading Procedures

In keeping with BP Board of Education policies:

  • Grades reported on progress reports and report cards shall be derived from work that measures mastery of knowledge, skills and student learning objectives.
  • Students’ grades will be calculated by averaging grades on tests, quizzes, classwork and class participation.
  • Quarterly grades are broken down as follows: Midterm and final exams each count as 10% of the final grade.

Student and Parent Resources

Students: Instructor is available every day after school. In addition, there are math labs set up during the school day for students to get extra help.

Parents: Email is the best way to contact the instructor, who will respond within 24 hours. In addition, some helpful websites parents can use at home to help support what’s learned in class include:

Course Outline (tentative)

Unit 1: Fundamental Of Problem Solving

Unit 2: Sets

Unit 3: Logic

Unit 4: Probability

Unit 5: Statistics

Unit 6: Mathematical Systems

Unit 7: Systems Of Numeration

Unit 8: Sets Of Numbers And Their Structure

Unit 9: An Introduction To Algebra

Unit 10: Selected Topics In Algebra

Unit 11: An Introduction To Geometry

Unit 12: Consumer Mathematics

Unit 13: An Introduction To The Metric System

Note: The content of this syllabus is subject to change in accordance with the needs of the class and/or instructor.