American History I

This course examines the history of the United States, from its origins until Reconstruction, with emphasis on the development of a constitutional system. Topics studied include the Colonial period, the American Revolution, the ratification of the Constitution, Jacksonian Democracy and the various disputes that led to the Civil War.

Required Text

  • “America: A Narrative History (Sixth Edition) Volume 1” by George Brown Tindall and David E. Shi

Required Supplies

  • Pen and paper

Course Format and Procedures

Students must read chapters listed for the week assigned. Students will be responsible for a research paper and PowerPoint presentation on their research paper, in addition to four examinations.

Grading Procedures

Four tests will be given over the course of the semester.  Each test will cover the chapters explained in the course outline. The final exam will be cumulative and cover all the material of the semester.

  • Tests: 80%
  • Research Paper

A research paper will be required of all students. The due date will be given in the first two weeks of the semester, as well as the detailed requirements of the paper.

Student and Parent Resources

  • Fulton-Montgomery Community College Writing Center: A drop-in tutoring center where students can develop their college writing skills. Students may work with peer and professional tutors on any phase of the writing process: brainstorming a topic, preparing an outline, drafting and revising and using specific documentation styles, such as MLA, APA and the Chicago Manual of Style. Center is staffed 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday.
  • Students have online access to tutorial support in writing, math, statistics, accounting, information literacy, chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology:
    • E-chat: Virtually interact with an e-tutor in real time
    • E-questions: Submit a question and get a response within 48 hours
    • E-writing lab: Submit a draft and receive in-text comments and a written response (within 48 hours) about submitted work

Course Outline

Week 1: Chapter 2 — England & Its Colonies & Chapter 3 — Colonial Ways Of Life

Week 2: Chapter 3 — Colonial Ways Of Life

Week 3: Chapter 4 — The Imperial Perspective

Week 4: Chapter 5 — From Empire Independence

Week 5: Chapter 6 — The American Revolution

  • Test #1: Chapters 2-6

Week 6: Chapter 7 — Shaping A Federal Union

Weeks 7-9: The Constitution/Government

  • Test #2

Week 10: Chapter 8 —The Federalist Era

Week 11: Chapter 9 — The Early Republic

  • Power Point Due

Week 12: Chapter 10 — Nationalism And Sectionalism

Week 13: Chapter 11 — The Jacksonian Impulse

  • Test #3: Chapters 7-11

Week 14: Chapter 14 — The Manifest Destiny

  • Paper Due

Week 15: Chapter 15 — The Old South

Week 16: Chapter 16 — The Crisis Of Union

Week 17: Chapters 17 & 18 — The War Of The Union & Reconstruction

  • Test #4 : Chapters 14-18

Week 18: Final Review

  • Local Midterms