Economics 12

“Economics, the Enterprise System and Finance” examines the principles of the U.S. free market economy in a global context. Students will:

  • examine their individual responsibility for managing their personal finances;
  • analyze the role of supply and demand in determining the prices individuals and businesses face in the product and factor markets and the global nature of these markets;
  • study changes to the workforce in the United States and the role of entrepreneurs in our economy, as well as the effects of globalization; and
  • explore the challenges facing the U.S. free market economy in a global environment and various policy-making opportunities available to government to address these challenges.

Required Text

  • Economics

Required Supplies

  • Pen and paper

Grading Procedures

  • Quarterly grades are broken down as follows: [more info to come]
  • Midterm and final exams each count as 10% of the final grade.

Student and Parent Resources

Course Outline (tentative)

Unit I: Economic Systems

Unit II: Supply And Demand

Unit III: Pricing

Unit IV: Saving And Investing

Unit V: Business And Labor

Unit VI: The Fed

Unit VII: The Global Economy

Unit VIII: Trade