SUPA PSY 205: Psychology

  • To acquaint students with the basic areas of study covered by the field of psychology, including learning, personality assessment, abnormal behavior, social psychology and psychopathology.
  • To allow students to pursue greater in-depth study of an area they may find to be of particular interest.
  • To provide students with an appreciation for the scientific basis of psychology in order to increase their awareness of how this knowledge can be used to better understand their own everyday environment.

Required Text

“Psychology Themes and Variations” by Wayne Weiten.

Course Format and Procedures

This course is offered within the social studies department at Broadalbin-Perth High School as a senior elective course. This innovative course is designed to instruct students in the fundamental topics in psychology. This course incorporates the curriculum used by the Syracuse University psychology department. In addition to giving students a half-credit toward high school graduation, it also will give the student three credits of undergraduate college credit at most colleges. Students must first successfully complete U.S. History and Government 11 with a 90% average to be eligible to take this course. They also will be  billed $336 from Syracuse University for tuition.

Grading Procedures

Grading will be based on a numerical system; all work will count toward a quarterly total. Grades will recorded for a group project, paper, tests, participation and labs. Because this course is designed as a college course, there will be extensive textbook readings. The readings are required for understanding course material. Some quizzes may be administered to assess student comprehension of an assigned reading.  A student’s Project Advance grade will not be curved up due to BPHS weighted grading; a student’s BPHS cumulative average will not be penalized for doing advanced college work. There is an opportunity to replace the lowest test grade at the end of the semester. The final course grade will be the grade that will appear on a student’s Syracuse University transcript.

Student and Parent Resources

  • Instructor is available every day after school, unless school business dictates.
  • As this is a college course, the instructor encourages students to contact him via email if face-to-face interaction is not possible.
  • Hank Green “Psychology” and Phil Zimbardo “Understanding Psychology” are great resources to help students with individual topical issues with psychology.

Course Outline (tentative)

Week 1: Evolution Of Psychology (Chapter 1)

Week 2: The Research Enterprise In Psychology (Chapter 2)

Weeks 3-4: Biological Basis Of Behavior (Chapter 3)

Week 5: Sensation And Perception (Chapter 4)

Week 6: Consciousness (Chapter 5)

Week 7: Learning (Chapter 6)

Week 8: Labs On Learning (Chapter 6)

Week 9: Memory (Chapter 7)

Week 10: Motivation And Emotion (Chapter 10)

Week 11: Group Project Research

Week 12: Development (Chapter 11)

Week 13: Personality: Theory, Research And Assessment (Chapter 12)

Week 14: Psychological Disorders (Chapter 14)

Week 15: Treatment Of Psychological Disorders (Chapter 15)

Week 16: Social Psychology (Chapter 16)

Week 17: Complete Chapter On Social Psychology (Chapter 16)

Week 18: Article Review Research Paper Due