STEM Courses

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Introduction to Cybersecurity

1 unit  |  full year  |  Grades 10-12
This course will focus on one of the fastest growing and lucrative professions, Cyber Security. Students will work on the in’s and out’s of cyber security and the skills that are necessary for this type of profession. Fundamental concepts of security, network organization and operation, including the mechanisms and history of software, hardware, and OS (operating system) security. This course will use the Windows OS, Ubuntu Linux OS, and Cisco for a cohesive platform for learning. The windows console/linux shell will be heavily used for over this course. Some scripting may be taught depending on the abilities of the class.

Introduction to Programming

½ unit  |  half year  |  Grades 9-12
This course is for students who have never programmed before or for those who have some experience but are lacking the structure necessary for the next level of programming.  Students will write computer programs using a modern programming language, like python, and they will learn the fundamentals of programming in this course. The course emphasizes syntax, using standard libraries, problem decomposition and data type design. Students will be quickly introduced to basic concepts such as conditionals, loops and procedures and if time is available students will work with user-defined objects. Assignments aren’t restricted to the standard four-function calculator and check balancing programs. By using the standard library, students can gain the satisfaction of working on realistic applications as they learn the fundamentals of programming. Also, by using standard libraries students will learn about code reuse and third-party modules such as PyGame may be used to extend the students’ reach. Prerequisite(s): Enrolled in Advanced Geometry or Algebra II / Trigonometry or by permission of instructor.