Studio Art

Course Overview

Studio Art is a full-year, one-credit course that fulfills the fine arts requirement for high school graduation. It is also a prerequisite for all fine arts electives, including drawing, painting, sculpture, 2D design, 3D design, ceramics, and advanced studio art, as well as college-level studio art. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Instruction is based on the New York state standards for the visual arts as well as the elements and principles of art. By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Achieve competency in a variety of mediums, such as graphite, acrylic paint, pastel, clay, and colored pencil;
  • Understand and apply the elements and principles of art in their own unique two or three dimensional art work;
  • Engage in creative problem solving in every project; and
  • Build fine motor skills.

Course Format and Procedures

This class meets every-other day. The typical class format is:

  • Teacher introduces material and student exemplars with class discussion.
  • Students complete a worksheet to practice specific skills.
  • Teacher completes a demonstration.
  • Students apply skills in the creation of individual projects.

All artwork must be completed in class. The school will provide all necessary art supplies.

Grading Procedures

There are no tests, quizzes or homework in this class. Projects count for 80 percent of students’ grades and class participation counts for 20 percent.

Student and Parent Resources

Help is available after school most days. Students are also welcome to work on their artwork during their learning labs, Hobby Club or Art Club meetings.

Parents can support their children by encouraging them to participate in activities that stimulate their imagination, creativity and fine motor skills, such as coloring, completing puzzles, playing board games, doing crafts and working with wood. If you child is not performing well in this class, please contact the instructor.

Course Outline

Quarter 1

  • Pre-test
  • Perspective instruction
  • Shading worksheet
  • Perspective project
  • Linear patterns worksheet
  • Linear patterns
  • Landscape project
  • Color worksheet

Quarter 2

  • Pastel project – natural forms
  • Grid enlargement project
  • Color theory worksheets (five)
  • Tempera painting – geometric
  • Line worksheet
  • Composition worksheet
  • Midterm project – composition in line and shape
  • Calligraphy worksheet
  • Ink technique worksheet

Quarter 3

  • Calligraphy/ink project
  • Observational drawing packet
  • Instruction on one- and two-point perspective – interior
  • Interior perspective project
  • Stipple – texture techniques worksheet
  • Ink textural realistic drawing
  • Scratchboard practice
  • Scratchboard project

Quarter 4

  • Proportion of the human head worksheet
  • Human head project
  • Cartooning – expressions worksheet
  • Clay faces – expression
  • Pastel or watercolor landscape
  • Final project – choice of previous topics
  • Principles and elements of design worksheet
  • Observational drawing – flowers or tools