Middle School Counseling

Middle school can be a very challenging time for many students as they move from childhood to adolescence. It is a time of rapid growth both physically and psychologically as tweens search for their own identities. This is a time when they begin turning more frequently to peers rather than parents for ideas and affirmation, and they begin to rely heavily on friends to provide comfort, understanding and approval.

At BPMS, school counselors assess each child’s academic, social and emotional state, then work with school staff, parents/guardians and others in the community to create an environment where all students are able to find confidence in themselves and a belief in their own competence as learners.

In order to support and build a strong relationship with students through their middle school years, counselors:

  • Meet with students individually;

  • Work with students in groups; and

  • Conduct structured lessons in classrooms.

Academic Support

Middle school counselors:

  • Help promote the academic success of all students by monitoring academic progress and performance and working with teachers, students and families to identify strategies to help struggling students.

  • Help students build schedules and select courses that challenge them academically and set them on the right path to meet their post-secondary goals.

  • Work with students individually or in groups to develop study, organizational and test-taking skills.

Social/Emotional Support

Middle school counselors:

  • Help students develop strong decision-making abilities and self confidence in order to encourage students to make positive decisions.

  • Work with students who are dealing with tragedy or exceptional stress to develop coping strategies.

  • Work with students to resolve conflicts and create positive peer relationships.

  • Help students with behavioral issues find success in the classroom by working on strategies with the students, teachers and parents.

  • Help students develop positive character traits by promoting character education programs in school.

Career Development Support

Middle school counselors:

  • Begin working with students on exploring careers and post-secondary possibilities.

Family Support

Middle school counselors:

  • Communicate with parents and provide them with strategies to use at home that will help students find academic success in school.

  • Serve as a liaison between the school and community agencies to assist parents in obtaining needed services.

Transition Support

Middle school counselors:

  • Work with the intermediate school staff to host student and parent orientations for students in Grade 5 to help them successfully transition to the middle school.

  • Work with high school counselors to host student and parent orientations for students in Grade 8 to help them successfully transition to the high school.