Robotic “class pet” to enhance learning opportunities for BPIS students

bpis students meet their new robotic "class pet"Many of us had a dog or a cat when we were younger. Some might have even had a frog or fish for a class pet. But what about a robot?

Students in Mrs. Renda’s computer class at BPIS met Meccanoid, their new “class pet” on Thursday. Mrs. Renda got Meccanoid over the holidays and spent the break getting his basic programming in order. “Every year I try and find a new technology thing to bring in an share with the kids,” said Mrs. Renda.

The robot is a continuation of the many hands-on activities in the classroom, including coding, engineering, and opportunities outside of Google classroom. Meccanoid can be programmed to do complex activities through his app with code, and can also teach students about how he works with his servos and motors. Students will participate in the coding of Meccanoid throughout the year.

“I was really excited to show the kids how he functions, his servos,” said Mrs. Renda. “The simple functions of his brain. When the kids get to see him move and talk and come to life, it’s a whole new ballgame.”

Meccanoid will live in Mrs. Renda’s classroom throughout the rest of the year.