District Logos and Logo Use Guide

The JPEG files of Broadalbin-Perth’s logos are available here for use by faculty and staff in accordance with the district’s Identity Standards and Logo Use Guide. If you have any questions about using these logos, please contact Michele Kelley in the district communications office at kelleym@bpcsd.org or 518.954.2640.

When working with vendors to order apparel, merchandise, signage or other items that require use of the district logo, please contact Michele to obtain the necessary file type to send to the vendor. All vendor purchases must be approved through the district office.

Click to download the logo use guide.

bpshield_BPCSDtext_3Cbpshield_3Cstrokepatriots_shield_3Cstroke patriots_soccer_3Cstroke patriots_track_3Cstroke patriots_volleyball_3Cstroke patriots_baseball_3Cstroke patriots_basketball_3Cstroke patriots_bowling_3Cstroke patriots_cheer_3Cstroke patriots_drama_2Cstroke patriots_drama_3Cstroke patriots_football_3Cstroke patriots_golf_3Cstroke patriots_music_2Cstroke patriots_music_3Cstroke patriots_OOTM_2Cstroke patriots_OOTM_3Cstroke patriots_wordmark_1Cblack patriots_wordmark_3Cstroke  BPwordmark_1Cblack BPwordmark_3C bpshield_1C_black   patriots_art_2Cstroke patriots_art_3Cstroke CS5 Basketball BP patriots wordmark shield 2-28-14 patriot_stroke patriot_volleyball_2Cstroke patriot_track_stroke patriot_soccer_stroke patriot_golf_2Cstroke patriot_football patriot_cheer_stroke patriot_bowling_stroke patriot_basketball_stroke patriot bpshield_type bpshield_BPCSDtext_2C BPwordmark_2C