State announces June Regents exam and course requirement changes

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Statement from HFM BOCES District Superintendent David Ziskin regarding June Regents Exams and course credit

Due to the ongoing statewide closure of schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the New York State Education Department has announced the cancellation of all June 2020 Regents Examinations and adjusted requirements students must meet to earn diplomas and other credentials.

As a result of the cancellation, students will be exempt from taking the June Regents but will receive Regents diploma credit if they pass, or have previously passed, the course associated with the exam.

Students also have the option of attending summer school to pass the course without being required to take the Regents. These modifications apply to all students currently enrolled in grades 7-12 who were planning to take one or more of the June exams. Generally, students must pass five Regents to earn a high school diploma. Read the NYSED announcement concerning the Regents and NYSED Frequently Asked Questions document.

“Throughout our region, school districts have been working during this crisis to provide continuity of instruction as required by Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order,” HFM BOCES District Superintendent David Ziskin said. “Teachers have reached out to students in a variety of ways such as providing material on district websites, using Google Classroom and other software, and providing work directly to families. I encourage families to continue to work with their teachers and complete their at-home learning to ensure students receive the credit they’ve worked all year to earn. We realize this is a hardship for many families, but by working together we will get through this challenging time.”

Ziskin said that due to the extended closure, schools may not be able to provide the full unit of study in Regents classes by the end of the school year. However, students who meet the standards assessed in the provided coursework will be granted diploma credit by their home districts.

At this time, the state Education Department has yet to make a decision about the August 2020 Regents Examinations and will issue a separate announcement when such a decision is made.

On March 20, New York State Board of Regents and the state Education Department announced that the elementary- and intermediate-level state assessments for grades 3-8 have been suspended for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.