Students recognized for exemplary character are treated to bowling trip

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A group of 25 middle school students went bowling on Friday, Dec. 1 as a quarterly incentive for the Positive Behavioral Incentives & Supports (PBIS) Program. PBIS is a program that is implemented throughout the district to promote safe, respectful and responsible behavior.

“We reward the students who are doing the right thing and who set a good example for their fellow classmates,” middle school counselor Jen Steele said. “At the middle school, we have incentives every five weeks so that’s a total of eight incentives during the school year.”

The students’ names were randomly chosen at the middle school town meeting because they received “gotcha” tickets for being safe, respectful and responsible. They went to Kelly’s Imperial Bowling Center, where they bowled two games and also had pizza and soda. 

6th Grade

  • Mica Barbaro
  • Albert Zierak
  • Preston Candela
  • Chris Gardener
  • Owen Compani
  • Kole Dominique
  • Logan Aery
  • Blaine Herrick
  • Jocelyn Raponi
  • Josalyn Savoie-Opalka
  • Brooke Taylor
  • Railey Taylor
  • Emaleigh Brace
  • Isabella Cowan
  • Trinity Nourse

7th Grade

  • Ryan Savoie
  • Jose Berrocales
  • Lillian Faulkner
  • Cheryl Ribar
  • Hollie Wilson

8th Grade

  • Shane Presley
  • Diya Shah
  • Greta Spilken