SUCCESSORIES: Congratulations to our first quarter winners!

1st quarter successories winners
Presenting the first quarter Successories winners! The winners are, from left to right: first-grade teacher Katie Murphy, first-grade teacher Laura Satterlee, art teacher John Dievendorf of the middle school, counselor Charla Simonson of the high school, and computer support specialist Amanda Sarullo.

Congratulations to Broadalbin-Perth’s first quarter Successories winners! This quarter’s winners are:

  • First-grade teacher Katie Murphy
  • First-grade teacher Laura Satterlee
  • Middle School art teacher John Dievendorf
  • High School counselor Charla Simonson
  • Computer support specialist Amanda Sarullo

Successories is a staff recognition program that gives people a way to say ‘thank you’ whenever they feel as though a B-P faculty or staff member is going above and beyond for students. Katie Murphy is this quarter’s grand prize winner and will additionally receive a personal day, which Superintendent Stephen Tomlinson will cover.

Parent: “Thank you for giving my daughter the tools to become a successful and ambitious student”

Katie Murphy
Katie Murphy

Katie is a first grade teacher at TLC and the winner of the day off for the first quarter. She was nominated by the parents of one of her former students.

Her nomination reads, “Thank you for giving my daughter the tools to become a successful and ambitious student again. After many years of struggling and falling behind, I have you to thank for growing and teaching my daughter throughout first grade. She would not be where she is today and who she is today if she didn’t have you standing behind her. Not only were you her teacher but one of her biggest supporters. You gave her the can do attitude after many years of hearing ‘I can’t.’ Thank you so much!”

After reading her nomination, Katie said, “It’s heartwarming to be nominated. The whole point of school is for kids to feel that way. I want to make a difference in each and every one of their lives, and I look at them as if they were my own. I want to give them the confidence to believe in themselves and that they can do anything they put their
minds to.”

“This is a group effort,” she said about teaching. “I’m surrounded by some of the best peers who all have the same vision.”

Parent: “Her classroom feels like a little community of friends.”

Laura Satterlee
Laura Satterlee

Laura is a first grade teacher at TLC. She was nominated by the parents of one of her students.

Her nomination reads, “Thank you for making first grade so much fun for our son! He loves coming to school and is so excited to be able to read more difficult books. Mrs. Satterlee uses humor and kindness to motivate and encourage her students. Her classroom feels like a little community of friends. We feel blessed that our children continue to have such wonderful experiences at B-P, and that Mrs. Satterlee has been the perfect fit for our son’s first-grade year. Thank you!”

After reading her nomination, Laura said, “It’s an honor to be chosen by one of my students who I’ve only known for a few months, but it’s great knowing I’ve made an impact so far.”

“It’s awesome working with the first grade team. Everyone that I work with is great. They love the kids. This is my family.”

Principal: “Mr. Dievendorf has gone above and beyond for our school this year.”

John Dievendorf
John Dievendorf

John is an art teacher at the middle school. He was nominated by BPMS Principal Wayne Bell.

His nomination reads, “Mr. Dievendorf has gone above and beyond for our school this year. He gathered up students to create our Homecoming Parade float. He did all the planning and preparation, in addition to making parent contacts.

“He also took the time to have his students make thank you cards for School Board Recognition Month. He is also involved in our Veterans Day breakfast. For Principal Appreciation Day, he had all of his students create individual thank you cards for me.

“I can’t say enough about Mr. Dievendorf. He is truly part of our B-P family and is a role model of positive behavior and motivation.”

After reading his nomination, John said, “It’s certainly nice to have recognition. As an art teacher, you’re kind of on an island to an extent because you don’t really have a team you’re working with. It feels good to be appreciated, for sure.”

On his recognition for activities outside the classroom, John said, “It’s cool because students see me doing those and they realize that art is applicable in everyday situations.”

Student: “She really deserves this award for being a great advisor to me and all the students.”

Charla Simonson
Charla Simonson

Charla is a counselor at the high school. She was nominated by one of her senior advisees.

Her nomination reads, “I had the honor of having Mrs. Simonson as my guidance counselor for the last four years. She really has the best interest at heart for me, and all the students of Broadalbin-Perth. I realized this year, while I was applying to numerous colleges, how Mrs. Simonson, regardless of what time or day of the week, she always got back to me immediately, and has made the process less stressful. She really deserves this award for being a great advisor to me and all the students.”

“It feels really nice to be appreciated and that students recognize I am there for them,” said Charla after reading her nomination. “It’s not really until senior year that students understand the supports we’re able to offer as they move beyond our halls.”

Colleagues: “Thank you for always coming to the rescue of students and staff.”

Amanda Sarullo
Amanda Sarullo

Amanda is a computer support specialist for the district who works at both campuses. She was nominated by individuals at the intermediate school.

Her nomination reads, “Thank you for always coming to the rescue of students and staff. Whether it be setting up a password, or helping us figure out a file, we would not know what to do without you. Your knowledge and willingness to help doesn’t go unnoticed. She also was a big help the day of the power outage. Several times, you could see her going to a classroom to get a student being picked up, or getting a message to a faculty/staff member. She is truly an asset to B-P!”

“It’s surprising,” said Amanda after reading her nomination. “I’m definitely grateful that people see what our team is doing and that we’re all working toward the same goals.”