Successories Program

Successory form and boxAll across the Broadalbin-Perth school district, our employees do extraordinary things every day to help students be successful. Too often, their efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated.

To ensure employees are recognized for the things they do to make a difference in the lives of B-P students, the district promotes a program called Successories, a combination of the words “success” and “accessories.”

There are two ways to nominate a staff member for recognition. You can fill out an online form, or a paper form that is available in the main offices of each of Broadalbin-Perth’s four schools. The simple half-page form reads: “(Student) is becoming a success at (school)! This is in part because of (faculty/staff name). Thank you for…” Students, parents, community members and other faculty and staff are invited to take the forms, complete them, and return the second page of the form to the collection box. The first page of the form should be given directly to the “Successory.”

The forms provide an easy way for people to say ‘thank you’ whenever they feel as though a B-P faculty or staff member is going above and beyond for our students.

Winners from each building will be selected from the pool of nominations. Each quarter’s Successories winners will win a $25 gift card. One person each quarter will be selected to receive a personal day, which Superintendent Stephen Tomlinson will cover. All employees of the B-P school district are eligible for the day off; though Tomlinson is not licensed to drive a school bus, Director of Operations and Safety Mike Carney will fill in if a bus driver is chosen as one of the quarterly winners. A grand prize winner of a $100 gift certificate is chosen in June. 

All B-P community members are encouraged to recognize faculty and staff for their outstanding work through a Successory and have them entered in quarterly prize drawings.

Read stories about the quarterly winners by clicking on the links below.


2017-18 Fourth quarter – TLC kindergarten teacher Susan Arehart; IS third grade teacher Jen Wilcox; MS teaching assistant Tom Horning; MS teaching assistant Samara Smith; math teacher Rachel Shrome.

2017-18 Third quarter – HS teacher Kristina Marshall; TLC aide Sharon Larsen; IS teacher Amy Schaffer; MS literacy specialist Kathy Keating; TLC teacher Jill Becker on behalf of the HS robotics team, The Nut Jobs.

2017-18 Second quarter – Chris Smith, district mail courier and bus driver; Steve Gennett, director of information technology; Kelly Hanson, intermediate school teacher; Stephanie Hotaling, middle school counselor; and Lori Nellis, high school nurse.

2017-18 First quarter – Jessica Sargalis, physical therapist at TLC; Jennifer Platt, teaching assistant at TLC; Jon Aery, art teacher at the intermediate school; Ana Ventre, math teacher at the middle school; and Lori Reed, food service worker at the Broadalbin campus


Year-end winner – TLC literacy specialist Sandy Sullivan

2016-17 Fourth quarter – Bus driver Larry Parker; kindergarten teacher Kristie Schwartz; fourth-grade teacher Rebecca Gregory; music teacher Jim McGarvey; and reading teacher Dacia Ransom

2016-17 Third quarter – Michele Nasner, physical education teacher at B-P Middle School; BPMS secretary Kim Nichols; intermediate school custodian Kim Tyrell; TLC literacy specialist Ashley Meyer; and BPHS English teacher Alycia Spraker

2016-17 Second quarter Michele Marotta, secretary at B-P Intermediate School; middle school special education teacher Dan Schulz; intermediate school teaching assistant Nancy Curley; high school special education teacher Michael Ott; and bus driver Mark Orlowski

2016-17 First quarter — Toni Scott, head cook at The Learning Community; fourth-grade inclusion teacher Melanie Hampton; seventh-grade teaching assistant Diane Murphy; second-grade teacher Doug Morris; and Food Service Director Jim Garner


2015-16 Year-end winner — Cindy Hartney, first-grade teacher

2015-16 Fourth quarter — Third-grade teacher Lisa Caughey, middle school band teacher Laura Jacaruso, kindergarten teacher Caitlin Richards and district bus driver Debbie Montanero

2015-16 Third quarter – Second-grade TLC teacher Amanda Ferraro, middle school teaching assistant Mike Beers, intermediate school teaching assistant Lisa Zarecki and high school teacher Billy Eipp

2015-16 Second quarter — Hope DeZolt, a pre-kindergarten teacher at The Learning Community; Lorenzo Ortiz, a district groundskeeper; Rebecca Hawkins, an AIS math teacher at the middle school; and high school secretary Nora Horton

2015-16 First quarter —  Sixth-grade teacher Caetlin Ebersole, high school special education teaching assistant Candy Hunter, bus driver Tom Kowalski and night custodian at the intermediate school Cara Dopp


2014-15 Fourth quarter —  TLC teaching assistant Kim Buchanan, BPIS special education teacher Amy Baker Hale, middle school teaching assistant Kimberly Killian, and high school social worker Mick Gottung

2014-15 Third quarter — Tammy Staie, who runs the media center at The Learning Community; Lisa Foley, a fifth-grade teacher at the intermediate school; middle school conduct coordinator Greg Horning; and high school math teacher Stan Buyce.

2014-15 Second quarter — Elementary music teacher Mary Rasefske, BPIS secretary Michele Marotta, BPMS physical education teacher Michele Nasner, BPHS aide Pam Passino and special education teacher Liz Laird

2014-15 First quarter — Chrissie Plunkett, pre-kindergarten teacher at The Learning Community; Diane Zukas, a teaching assistant at the high school; and Darci Taylor, a teaching assistant in the middle school were chosen as this quarter’s winners.