Third round of ‘Successories’ honorees named

A third round of honorees in the “Successories” program has been selected.

Superintendent of Schools Stephen Tomlinson randomly drew a $25 restaurant gift certificate winner from each school from among the completed “Successories” forms that recognize faculty and staff members for helping others become a success.

Chosen as this quarter’s winners were teacher Tammy Staie, who runs the media center at The Learning Community; Lisa Foley, a fifth-grade teacher at the intermediate school; middle school conduct coordinator Greg Horning; and high school math teacher Stan Buyce.

Carbon-copy forms and collection boxes to recognize district “Successories” — a combination of the words “success” and “accessories” — are in each of the main offices of Broadalbin-Perth’s four schools. Students, parents, community members and other faculty and staff are invited to fill out the forms.

Staie received a Successory note from second-grade teacher Meg Marsden for all Staie has done to organize and execute the Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) program this year at The Learning Community. In the Successory note, Marsden also praises Staie’s work with students on the streaming video school announcements and her willingness to dance on the stage during TEAM Time school-wide gatherings. Staie says she’s always game for demonstrating dance moves for TLC students. “If I am goofy, students will join in, and we can get them out of their shell,” Staie said, adding that having students participate in her streaming video announcements also helps them be more expressive. “It’s been awesome to see them shine; it’s like a whole other being comes out.”

Staie said it means a lot to receive the recognition. “We go into this profession because we love kids, and though the job doesn’t end with the day or the weekend, we’re OK with that. But we can get lost in the day to day, so I’m glad to hear when I’m doing the right thing,” she said.

Foley’s Successory came from a student, who thanked her for “all your help in reading.” The student added: “You’re so awesome.” Foley, who tries to impart reading strategies and instill a love for literature when she is working with students, was touched that something struck a chord with this student. “I was delighted to get the feedback,” she said. “I think this is a great program because teachers need each other’s help, and it’s great to acknowledge each other,” Foley said. “The staff here all contributes to the success of our students.”/p>

Horning was recognized by the school’s guidance counselors for his dedication to the Positive Behavior Interventions and Support program, especially his work to get the school store up and running this year. “It is another step at creating a positive culture at our school,” the note read. The praise comes after Horning worked to turn a former in-school suspension space into a school store that offers small items with the Broadalbin-Perth logo, as well as food and candy that students can buy either with cash or “Gotcha Bucks” they’ve earned for positive behavior. He does all the shopping for the store’s items.

“It’s nice to have someone give you a pat on the back,” Horning said. “You do your best, and it’s nice when people recognize your efforts.”

BPHS math teacher Stan Buyce said he was shocked and flattered to be honored with a Successory from a student whom he helps with algebra during a math lab. “Thank you for being awesome and helping me get my math grade up!” the freshman student wrote. Buyce says he considers his approach to be “old school” and was glad his encouragement helped this student toward success. “You never know who you are going to connect with,” he said.

Buyce was quick to point out that he doesn’t feel like he does anything more than other teachers across the district. “I think we’re all just doing what’s best for kids,” he said, adding that he is proud of the teamwork the math department has done through all the recent curriculum changes.

The doting father also expressed pride in his son Glenn’s academic and athletic accomplishments as an eighth-grader at BPMS this year.

All members of the B-P community are encouraged to take the time to recognize the good work of others by participating in the Successories program. The quarterly drawings will continue through the end of the school year, when the grand prize winner of a $100 gift certificate will be chosen.