With capital project work complete, B-P is taking strides in preparing students for college

B-P New Lecture Hall
B-P’s new large group instructional area (LGIA) is ready for use. The space was constructed as part of the capital project approved by voters in 2016.

When Jr/Sr High School students entered the building for the first time during the 2021 academic year, they were greeted with a wide range of changes and updates throughout the school that stem from the $37.9 million capital project approved by voters in 2016.

Following a reconfiguration of the district’s buildings, Broadalbin-Perth High School students have access to a new LGIA (Large Group Instructional Area) space at the high school. Formerly used as the high school cafeteria, this new lecture hall provides a collegiate-style space for group instruction.

“Broadlabin-Perth is known for our innovation,” said Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations Marco Zumbolo, who helped bring the idea to fruition. “The school district has been all-in on trying to provide as many opportunities as possible to prepare our students for their post-high school experience.”

B-P's new large group instructional area (LGIA) is ready for use following a 2016 capital project.
Students work in B-P’s new large group instructional area (LGIA).

Matching the college campus theme found throughout many of the hallways in the high school, the lecture hall features tiered seating, new audio and video equipment, and capacity to teach to larger class sizes, hold conferences and other events.

“This is what students are going to see when they go off to college,” said Zumbolo. “It allows them to have that large lecture hall-style experience in an environment that is familiar to them.”

Zumbolo said B-P has strived to create varied experiences for students. “We are serving students to the best of our ability as we prepare them for the rest of their lives,” he added.