WTEN’s John Gray reads to BPIS students

john gray speaks with BPIS studentsWTEN Channel 10 anchor John Gray visited students at BPIS on Thursday, reading to them from his book “Keller’s Heart” and delivering an important message. The book is about a deaf girl and her dog, who is deaf and blind, who show those around them that it is okay to be different and that everyone needs a friend. The inspiration for the book came from a dog that Gray actually adopted, who is also deaf and blind.

Gray talked about how being different is a good thing and encouraged students to follow their dreams. He said a teacher in elementary school encouraged his dream of writing when he was young, and now he has written two books with a third coming out next year.

After reading the book, BPIS students got the chance to ask Gray questions about his dog, including how he lives his life and the kind of food he likes.

john gray signs books for bpis studentsGray says the message in the book is an important one for kids, especially now. “Anti-bullying is such an important issue in schools, especially with social media. The earlier we can get them that message, the better.”

The BPIS Student Council also presented Gray with a gift and a copy of a donation check they had sent to St. Francis Service Dogs. After the presentation, students who had purchased “Keller’s Heart” were able to get it signed.

BPIS Principal Daniel Casey credited Mrs. Caughey with setting up Gray’s visit to the school, saying she is always looking for something new and important to present to students. “These are those formative years,” said Principal Casey. “This presentation came right on the heels of our 99% Day, where we celebrate acts of kindness for the sake of kindness. The message of the book is one that resonates with kids and adults.”